My current series of art titled, “IM_MIGRANT” explores the powerful imagery being created by the recent influx of immigrants migrating from Central America to the US seeking asylum and essentially a higher quality of life. Inspired by my own family’s immigration story, I hope to both humanize and neutralize negative portrayals of immigrants.

Each piece is based on a photograph depicting a singular moment during the recent migration. The visceral scenes are intentionally disarmed by reducing the subjects to simple shapes and distilling their nationalities down to various shades of skin tone. The scenes are then purposefully charged up with bright pops of color.

My main focus is on the visible logos on the clothing. Ironically, these garments are typically manufactured in the very same Central American countries being fled. The use of brand marks also alludes to my own experience in working for some of these very same corporations.

The works are created using industrial materials like heat-pressed vinyl, reflective and fluorescent inks. Using a combination of both digital and analog processes, the figurative compositions are assembled and arranged by hand. Each piece has a hidden layer of personal connection as I attempt to encode my own narrative. Each abstracted scenario hopes to de-stigmatize what it means to be an immigrant.