Logo Paintings

A young designer and fine artist, Jorge Oswaldo’s unique works are largely influenced by the logos of mega corporations.  He utilizes techniques found in the design and commercial world by working with automotive car paint, vinyl and silk-screens.  Through the use of these commercial grade mediums, Oswaldo solicits the viewer’s attention just as a billboard or storefront signage might do.

From his early vinyl pieces to his newly painted corporate portrait series, Oswaldo combines handcrafted, super flat surfaces with conceptual ideas about branding and identity.  By removing corporate logos from their original settings, and applying them in a different context, Oswaldo re-contextualizes their original meaning within a hypermodern framework.  It is at this delicate intersection, where just enough design information is revealed and concealed, that his works of art illuminate just how these colossal symbols are so powerfully imbedded in our visual database.

Although the work initially appears to be abstract in nature, there is a comforting familiarity to the discovery of each logo.  Using bright colors as a visual lure, the viewer is encouraged to re-associate themselves to each piece with the brands that are familiar to them, ultimately relating to the artwork on a uniquely personal level.  Viewers are left questioning whether they are attracted to the artist as a brand or the brands that are represented within the artwork.

Oswaldo takes visual cues from artists such as Kenneth Noland, Barnett Newman, Morris Louis and Frank Stella.  He is deeply inspired by pattern makers such as Marimekko, Michael Lin, and Eley Kishimoto.  Jorge Oswaldo presently splits his time as an artist and as a full-time graphic designer for Stüssy, Inc. in which he produces graphics and multimedia content.